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The Kumamoto earthquake that struck the Kumamoto region on April 14 and 16, 2004 is still fresh in our memories. Mashiki-town was particularly severely damaged, with 45 people who lost their lives among the town's 276 residents, and more than 6,000 homes completely destroyed. Mashiki-town asked Tsutsumi Shuzo to develop a shochu liqueur as a gift in return for hometown tax.  All the rice used in this shochu is grown in Mashiki. Although black or white malted rice is often used in the production of shochu, Komemasu is fermented with yellow malted rice at a low temperature, resulting in a softer shochu with a sweeter taste. It is recommended to drink on the rocks or straight. The brand name was thought up by the staff of the Mashiki Town Office. Various thoughts including 'prayer' for the victims of the earthquake, 'appreciation' for the support, and 'hope' for the reconstruction were put in the name, all hoping for the quickest recovery.

Banpeiyu no osake

This is one of the most unique liqueurs produced by any Kuma shochu distillery. The Banpeiyu, a specialty of Yatsushiro-city, is the world's largest citrus fruit, a pomelo 20cm in diameter and weighing over 2kg. This fruit is well known in Kumamoto, yet not generally known nationwide. The juice has a good balance of refreshing sweetness and acidity, with a slight, distinctive bitterness. Banpeiyu no osake is a fusion of the juice and Kuma shochu. The fresh flavor of the juice comes to the fore, and its low alcohol content (8%) makes it easy to enjoy. The yellow paper on the bottle is rounded to show the figure of the yuzu.  The recommended recipe on the back of the bottle says drink "on the rocks" or with club soda. We're sure you and your friends will enjoy it.